truly effortlessly chic

Grace & Roses is a luxury brand that offers high-quality silk garments, including “pajama” sets and slips. With an added-edge of unique embellishments, from “diamond” encrusted necklines to hand-dyed “flower” buttons, G&R’s pieces are made to stand-out. Our pieces can be described as sophisticated, sexy, classic, with a hint of romance.

G&R’s inspiration stems from a love of art, architecture, film, and vintage clothing. Our founder, Grace Faena, has ideated all over the world- beginning in Manhattans Garment District and Miami’s Design District, to the streets of Paris and the Palace of Versailles.

At Grace & Roses we view fashion as a means for self-expression and identity. Our goal is to create pieces that allow everyone to leave the house feeling confident, curated, and comfortable. With a hint of the fantastical, G&R hopes to embody what effortlessly chic truly means. 

As seen in Vogue

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